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Alexine Cleans: Barely Fiction

Amy Frahm Sharp

Along with her own financial chaos, Amy Sharp had a 14 year old son hellbent on trying every street drug he could find. In an attempt to save her sanity, she started writing a story about the inner world of a woman like herself, living on the BC coast while her reality rippled and rolled._______
 A year later, she had a professionally edited 93,000 word manuscript. After more twists and turns, she got a grant from Canada Media Fund to create the first episode in video.______
Alexine's sex positive story is heavy on grit, light on vanilla, peppered with F-bombs and a few juicy sex scenes. The purpose of the project is to uplift working class women over 40, not just moms but all those everyday heroes of every colour, through levity and examples of strength.  _____
Written, narrated and produced by Amy Sharp
It was over too quickly, left me wanting to hear more. I love it. 

- Natasha | Delightful Doula. ____     

That was great - congratulations - your sense of humour is wonderful - good luck with this
- Wayne | Happy Grandpa. ____
Alexine Cleans will leave you in stitches! Her brazen honesty and unabashed inner-dialogue is like a refreshing drink from a cold glacial stream. Her humanity shines through and reminds us that there is beauty and humour in the every day moments.
- Alix K. | Tough City Sister.____
More reviews that are specifically for the video version of Episode 1 which has the same audio as the podcast:
--link to that YouTube vid in this podcast's Episode 1 show notes--  _____ 

It’s so cute and funny and unexpected. The formatting is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, gives it a bit of a live-comic book feeing to it. This is truly innovative and super original and fun.

- Tessa N. | Acupuncturist & hawt momma.____

Alexine is a transparently honest, ribald romp of an experience that not one woman who has either been there or almost been there should miss. Whether you can relate or not, this book brings the reader into the mighty fold of a bright, witty woman being real on a level like no one else can claim. And it's animated with sound! Best kind of vicarious cleaning fun you can have in your own comfy armchair life. You'll wish Alexine was your best friend.       

-Marcine P. | Badass, Vilcabamba Ecuador.____

You have a great way to tell a story, very appealing! I love the illustrations; you guys sure worked out some kick ass eye catchers!

-Zane S. | Broadcaster, Vancouver Island._____

I am stoked to see your project realized, it is so good and true and raw! I also see this being a great basis for a dramady-sitcom, with a lot of banging flashbacks, maybe a web series?

-Colin R.  | dog lover_____

The first chapter of Alexine Cleans was funny, witty, and intriguing. The visuals are something I've never seen before and they were awesome! It's inspiring to hear her story and I can't wait to watch the rest! 

- Chantal S | superstar